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The Full Story

About Us

Masks, isolation, and a house purchase.  This was our 2020!  For many years we walked past The MacKissic Estate on our way to West End Garage seeing it become more and more derelict and sad looking.  We dreamed of buying it and fixing it up one day.  Thankfully, during the COVID pandemic, we had that opportunity.  We have lovingly restored the old charm with modern updates to make it an amazing place to stay.


House History

Did you know that Park Boulevard was where the railroad originally drove down from the Point carrying ferry passengers from Philadelphia to Summer Station?  There are theories about the origin story of the MacKissic, including it being built to be the 'city' house of the Freeholder Joseph Pennypacker MacKissic, or perhaps their boarding house?  We know they were the original owners who helped settle the area and build up Cape May and Cape May Point.  The house was converted to a duplex in the 1950's, and converted to a whole house with apartment in the back in 2022.  The land was purchased in 1868 and the rest is history!

The Owners

As an eighteen year old, Danny came to Cape May with a best friend and stayed at the Chalfonte.  He remembers hating that there was no television, but loved the historic town!  Much later, we decided to visit as a family, as our summering on Nantucket became too far away with small children.  We fell in love with the town, its fabulous residents and all it has to offer.  When not in Cape May, we live outside of Washington D.C., enjoy our kids and their sports, while Danny works in IT, and Laura retired from being a school Principal to work in higher education. We dream of being in Cape May full time!

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